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listserv guidelines


Updated January 2020

The Therapists Connect (TC) listserv is a rich resource that connects psychotherapists in private practice in Toronto. By joining the Therapists Connect listserv, you are explicitly agreeing to the following terms:

Although Therapists Connect hosts the listserv, TC members are responsible for the content. This listserv is intended to enable members to engage each other with questions, issues, referrals, and relevant events related to their psychotherapy practice. TC does not moderate the content. This listserv functions as a self-organized group that addresses issues together as issues arise.

The following are listserv best practices to keep the number of posts manageable and the content safe for everyone.

1) Replying to Emails

Please be thoughtful in how you reply to listserv emails. “Reply all” includes the Therapists Connect email address (therapists-connect@googlegroups.com) and, therefore, sends the response to everyone’s inbox. Not everyone needs to see every reply. If the content you are replying about is relevant to everyone, “reply all” is the right thing to do. If you’re responding to something that’s not relevant to everyone, please recheck who the original message came from in the address line and reply to that person only. Remove the TC email address (therapists-connect@googlegroups.com) from the list of people you are sending to if your reply is not relevant to everyone.

Example of when to hit “reply all”: e.g. If someone asks for a referral for a specialized therapist, hitting “reply all” might benefit everyone because others may want to know about your specialized skills.

Example of when to hit “reply” only: e.g. If you are responding to an ad about office space and have questions about it, please respond to the sender only. Your questions about that office space will not be relevant to everyone. In that case, remove the TC email address (therapists-connect@googlegroups.com) from the list of people you are sending to.

2) When Seeking Referrals

The listserv is a wonderful place to find a therapist referral for clients especially if you are looking for something specific. When posting referral requests to NOT post any details about a client that are either not necessary for the referral (for example, exact age), or that might give the client’s identity away. This is both for your protection and the client’s (see item number 5 below about CRPO and confidentiality). To that end, we are suggesting that when making referrals that you use this template (just copy and paste it into your referral request email):

Subject line : Referral request - Approach, location

Location: neighbourhood(s), city
Modality/Approach: (for example, psychodynamic, DBT, CBT, EFT, IFS and so forth)
Fee specifications: (for example, none, sliding scale)
Expertise required: (for example trauma, couples, anxiety, eating disorders and so forth)
Client age range: (only if pertinent, for example, child, youth or older client, but don’t put exact age)
Specific requests (make it about the therapist, not the client): (for example, female therapist, trans therapist, Spanish speaking therapist, older therapist and so forth)

Some things NOT to put into request:

  • exact age of client
  • client’s gender, unless somehow relevant
  • never use the client's name (hopefully obvious)
  • non-relevant or identifying details
  • detailed history
3) Posting Events

Please post your event only once. This request helps us manage everyone’s inboxes. Tip: time your posting to be relevant for the start date of your event.

If we find there are too many postings for one event, one of us will reach out to the poster privately. If the postings continue for the same event, we may block the poster. The poster can reach out to rejoin at any time if they agree to the guidelines. Our goal is to manage the postings, not to exclude members. Please ensure your event is relevant to psychotherapists in private practice. This is a judgement call, of course.

If you are posting an event, it would be helpful to understand how you are connected to the event, i.e. why you think it’s important for the members to know about and/or how you are involved. Our goal here is to avoid simply forwarding emails, advertisements, or announcements without context.

4) Subject Line Headings

Be sure they are clear and descriptive. Please make sure your subject-line headings are clear and descriptive so that readers can choose what’s relevant for them: (e.g. EFT Externship coming this June! Or, Seeking a therapist specializing in LGBTQ2 issues in the east end.)

5) CRPO Confidentiality Guidelines

CRPO confidentiality guidelines apply to any information shared on the Therapists Connect listserv.

Please do not include client (or prospective client) contact information or client details in your referral requests or suggestions. Even if a client says it's okay to give their contact information or detailed description of their particular issue, do not include either. Instead, please describe the client's concerns and any relevant demographics very generally, and include the minimum amount of information necessary to secure an appropriate referral (see above template under section 2). For instance, instead of saying you have a 23-year-old male George Brown student experiencing depression, say you have a young male adult experiencing depression. Focus on the therapist description instead, "Seeking a therapist who works with depression in young adults." Important: TC has no control over how information gets disseminated and to whom, other than to TC members who go through a minimal vetting process. It's up to each of you to follow CRPO guidelines and to protect your clients, and prospective clients, in the same spirit.

Therapists Connect is brought to you by Liz Phillips, Erin Griffin, and Ted Leckie.